Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Last Day in Guangzhou

While Kevin, Mei and I were having lunch in the hotel this boat sailed by . Very interesting.
I thought this sign was interesting. In China you pay to use the public rest rooms. They have a person sitting outside who takes the $ and cares for the bathroom. Most places we went had their own bathrooms and it really wasn't a problem.
Everyone hangs their laundry outside on the terrace. When we dropped off our clothes to get washed I was wondering if I would see our clothes hanging out to dry on someone's porch when we went for our afternoon stroll. I'm glad we didn't.When we went for a stroll we stopped for a drink at this outdoor cafe/bar. It was great to sit , chat, relax and google at Mei for a bit. It felt like a vacation at times.
The Chinese day starts early and for the most part ended at a normal time. The shops were still open and food places. It was amazing to see so many people biking home from work. In much of China where we were people bike , walk or take the bus or taxi. The traffic is soooooooo bad. It could take an hour in rush hour to go a few blocks. The best way is by bike. At times you can see mom, dad, baby & sister all on on mo-ped. Some have gone as far as inclosing their mo-ped with a shell or attaching a flat bed to the back. Pretty much anything goes, even while driving. It's normal for buses & cars to come with in inches of each other while traveling. I just accepted it. The drivers we had were pretty good. We were always in buses because of our large group, but I'm sure I would have been a little white knucked if I was in a cab. One day Kev & a few others had to take a taxi for some gov. paper work. The all said it was an experience after the claimed to have a whole in their throats from the pollution in Nanchang. On a side note, I loved the people in Nanchang. They were soooo nice & friendly. We felt like celebraties.

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