Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hong Kong Saga- The I Love Ribs Bug

The tourist figured out the correct stop because a friendly passer -by guided them. Once out on the train platform there was another problem!!! Which way to go?

They started following the crowds hoping it would bring them to the exit. I don't know how smart this plan worked, but what other option was there? Some one in the group saw an exit sign in Chinese down a long hallway. In reality I think it said bathroom. Oops!!! Or was it something else?

Moments before they open the door a voice from the crowd said, "Are you lost? Do you need Help?") I wonder what gave it away??? Thank goodness our white knight came out of the parting crowd to our rescue!!! We were just about to open an emergy exit! OUCH!!!That wouldn't have been good for us in another country! Who's bright idea was that. They should get their money back from their Chinese Language class!!! I hat to admit it may have been mine!!
Steve was our hero!!! He actually walked us to the resteraunt! I guess he didn't have much faith in us after the emergency exit problem!!!
It turned out that he lived in the states for a while on LI and in CT. What a small world!!! Practically neighbors and we meet in Hong Kong. He was a really nice guy! Our savior! I don't think our stomachs could have held out much longer. We asked him to join us for dinner, but he was off to teach a language class. Maybe that's the one I should have signed up for!
After a great meal and good conversation with friends, everyone was all smiles!!!! The girls look soooo cute.It's amazing what a little food can do!
It can do even more for others!!! Kevin was soo excited about having ribs that the ecitement was contagious!!! He really was getting ready to eat some good ribs!!!

Stay tune for who else got the "I Love Ribs Bug"...

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