Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old Birthday Video

Now that I figured out how to get the video up I'll load a few videos on. :)


I've taken video clips over the past year and when I go to veiw them, I can't see what it is before hand. This was a nice surprise. I was actually looking for a China video. :)
This photo was taken at dinner in the lobby resteraunt on our first night with Mei. We only had her a few hours. Mei adjusted and Daddy looks soooo happy! I love this photo.
This photo was taken a little after we met Mei for the first time. This is the bottom layer of clothing. We peeled off 2 other thick layers. She was hot from the clothes and crying. She looked perfect! She even had new red boots for the big day and a new outfit.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Remebering a Year ago!

Kevin was able to pull up some of the photo's ferom our trip to China to meet Mei. It was fun looking at them.

She cryied, but life was good after she found her thumb. She only sucks it when ahe goes to be now, it used to be all the time. Everyone has settled in nicely from day 1. PS Did you notice all the layers? Still one more layer to go. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gottcha Day Celebration!

"Gottcha" Day!

Remeber a year ago? 1year ago today, the Chinese officials placed a sobbing baby girl in our arms! Mei cried from fear and we cried tears of joy. The lond anticipations was final over and we were about to be Mei's mom & Dad. She has brought the whole family so much joy and has blossumed this past year. Tonight we will celebrate with a cake about becoming a forever family. I still can't believe it has been a year! In this short time with us she has learned how to : sit up, walk, run, scream, laugh, talk, giggle, play pick a boo, hug, kiss, stack blocks, cuddle, love Barney, clim stairs, eat w/ a fork & spoo, point to body parts and get our attention! This is just the beginning. Mei is already signed up for the fall for a 2 day morning class. Where has the time gon? Our baby is almost a toddler. I wish everyone happiness remebering their"Gottcha" Day from our group. I can still remeber standing next to Genivie pointing to the girls trying to match them to their referral photos and the tears we all had and the Dad scurring for the best camera angle. What a moment in time that we will al remember and share together- what a special bond! I have many special events in my life that I will never forget, but that moment and those 3 weeks in China will always be with Kevin & I. Give the girls a big kiss from us. PS I didn't forget the Christmas card, they just haven't gone out yet to Mei's Chinese sisters. Consider the Chinese New Year cards now. LOL

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday morning Breakfast !

We woke up to a nice treat! The table was all set for breakfast.
There was even a display of cerals to choose from. How thoughtful!
Bella loves to nibble earlobes!
Morning bedhead! :)
Bella can now jump out of her run whenever she pleases. Byebye run! She's doing well with houde breaking, but we still find a few presents.

GIfts fom Canada!

Mei is hugging her dolly & puppy! Very Cute.
This is Mei's big smile for the camera! What a Ham!
Puppy love! She does loves her new puppy. She calls her , her daughter. Very cute. I'm a lucky Grandma. :)
The girl are playing with their new computer!
A special Father Daughter moment!
Big squeeze for her toys!
"The Twins" in their new shirts. People keep asking me if they are twins. I should just say yes because they act the same . Very cute picture.
The big guy loves his wolf shirt and book! He's a real nature lover!
He loves his army shirt and truck! He told me the other day he wants to be a policeman!
Thumbs up! He had to turn his hat sideways for the photo. I have 2 Hams in the family!

Thank You Nanny Marion & Grampy Jim for all the fun and great gifts! Everyone really enjoyed them.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bowling and Dinner in the Hamptons

We had a fun time as a family bowling. It was waaaay tooooo cold to go out to the park, and no kid movies were playing either. The kids had a great time and even Mei enjoyed herself. It was a great weekend... :)

They love taking a picture next to the shark! We have to do it everytime we go there!

Everyone's trying to get in on the picture before dinner! Cute.

Finding fun is where you go! Originally we were going to have a meal at Sam's in East Hampton. If you have kids... don't go. We have gone many time, but never again. The Hostess was not nice and scolded the group( all the people waiting for the retersunt to open in the bitter cold... and as usual they opened late) and our kids. The four year old was standing near the door which was locked and banged on the door and was jumping up to see in the window. I asked him to stop and he went off and did something else. It wasn't a nice thing to do, but appropriate for a 4 year old and really it was nothing major or crazy and out of control. Now kids are kids and they were being good. We were talking to the other people waiting. If they weren't I'd be the first to correct them and that's my job, not the hostess. She came to the door and yelled at the whole group and lectured us on how not to kick the door. You think someone was trying to break it down? Thjat was not the case. It could of been a knock for all she knew. She was so crabby that the couple behind us refused to be seated and left. The women even gave the hostess a good tongue lashing. Well done and thank you stranger. She went on to complement us on what well behaved and lovely kids we have and complemented us on not eating at the resteraunt and standing up for our kids. We were nice about the whole situation but I told the hostess not to be crabby toward my kids just because she was having a bad day. We made a family decision to ride out to a fun family reteraunt to watch the sharks & fish being fed- The Crow's Nest. The kids had a blast and I was so proud of them how they handled themselves and the whole situation at Sam's. It was a good life lesson that they should think highly of themselves and not let anyone treat them rudely. They recovered quickly and we all had a fun time. The food was great and the owner even let the kids help him feed the fish. Nice man!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Testing out our new camera! See how Mei mei has grown!

Hard to believe we were all facing the camera and no one was crying.
Daddy's girl!
Sisterly love!
Bath time is over.
Riding Butteerscotch the pony!
Very cut! What smiles!
Feeding her pony!
The girls with the new puppy!
The gang!

Daddy and his Princesses!