Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meeting the family!

All smiles for Grandpa! The kids barley kissed us hello and couldn't wait to meet their new baby sister. They ran to the door and huged her.
Mei enjoying a good meal! Very happy girl!
Big brother playing with his new Chinese hat and entertaining Mei.
Happiness is in the air!!! Big brother adores Mei and can't get enough of her!!!!
Mei and Grandma enjoying some bonding time! What a great welcoming home!!!!

Headed Home!!!

An early start to a long flight home! 15 hours....
Kevin and Mei snuggling for a long sleep! Hoefully! Mei did sleep for most of the trip. She had a bit of a cold. I couldn't believe how much she slept! Daddy makes the best bottles...Mom's are ok.
Down the hatch...and back up again about 15 minutes later. Home is in sight! What a great feeling especially after such a long flight!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Fun was had by all!The ribs were yummy!!!
What about dessert?
After a fun and filling meal, we were headed home! But how to go? walk? train? taxi?....we took a taxi and we were sad to see the night and trip end. It's time to bring the girls home to the rest of the family!

Hong Kong Saga- The I Love Ribs Bug

The tourist figured out the correct stop because a friendly passer -by guided them. Once out on the train platform there was another problem!!! Which way to go?

They started following the crowds hoping it would bring them to the exit. I don't know how smart this plan worked, but what other option was there? Some one in the group saw an exit sign in Chinese down a long hallway. In reality I think it said bathroom. Oops!!! Or was it something else?

Moments before they open the door a voice from the crowd said, "Are you lost? Do you need Help?") I wonder what gave it away??? Thank goodness our white knight came out of the parting crowd to our rescue!!! We were just about to open an emergy exit! OUCH!!!That wouldn't have been good for us in another country! Who's bright idea was that. They should get their money back from their Chinese Language class!!! I hat to admit it may have been mine!!
Steve was our hero!!! He actually walked us to the resteraunt! I guess he didn't have much faith in us after the emergency exit problem!!!
It turned out that he lived in the states for a while on LI and in CT. What a small world!!! Practically neighbors and we meet in Hong Kong. He was a really nice guy! Our savior! I don't think our stomachs could have held out much longer. We asked him to join us for dinner, but he was off to teach a language class. Maybe that's the one I should have signed up for!
After a great meal and good conversation with friends, everyone was all smiles!!!! The girls look soooo cute.It's amazing what a little food can do!
It can do even more for others!!! Kevin was soo excited about having ribs that the ecitement was contagious!!! He really was getting ready to eat some good ribs!!!

Stay tune for who else got the "I Love Ribs Bug"...

The Adventure Continues...

The families traveled down dark & crowded streets. The locals were all very friendly and willing to help lost travelers.
It was beautiful to see the city all lite up!!!They saw many different things...
Many that they couldn't understand...
But finally they found the train station. Addison and her parents were troopers. The crowded train car didn't scare them off. They held on tight!!! All the time they kept smiling! (great smile!!! you're glowing- proud new Mom)
This is a real close up! Do we know the girl in the background? I think she was the nice lady who offered Mei a tissue. She had a little 8 month cutie at home too.

Everyone was happy because food was close! But when to get off? Would the group know where to go?

Stay tune for the next chapter in Hong Kong...

Hong Kong Adventure

Once upon a time their were two families that traveled to China to meet their beautiful daughters. At the end of their trip they decided to travel to Hong Kong before returning home to the cold & snowy USA. The Dads had fun and posed with their new baby girls for a few photos to remember their journey.
Photo shoots are hard work! All of a sudden their tummies started to growl...what to do?...
An idea? Lets get some food. They searched high and low for the best supper in Hong Kong. (Remember this is a story and not all facts are true :) ) They asked for directions! The Dads did a better job of finding the local train staion than this local. I think the map confused him a bit.
They all discussed the plan... how do the find the train to get to the resteraunt.
The over pass and the mall that they had to walk through was very, very crowded. But they managed to control their hunger and pressed on threw the people.

To Be continued...

Highlights of Mei!

Mei gives the best drooly smoochers!!! Mei is showing off her new two little teeth!
How far she has come!!! On gotcha day she wasn't sitting up- now look at her! What a cutie!
Mei's working on a few more teeth. The faucet is really on!!!
Cuddle time with Daddy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Last Day in Guangzhou

While Kevin, Mei and I were having lunch in the hotel this boat sailed by . Very interesting.
I thought this sign was interesting. In China you pay to use the public rest rooms. They have a person sitting outside who takes the $ and cares for the bathroom. Most places we went had their own bathrooms and it really wasn't a problem.
Everyone hangs their laundry outside on the terrace. When we dropped off our clothes to get washed I was wondering if I would see our clothes hanging out to dry on someone's porch when we went for our afternoon stroll. I'm glad we didn't.When we went for a stroll we stopped for a drink at this outdoor cafe/bar. It was great to sit , chat, relax and google at Mei for a bit. It felt like a vacation at times.
The Chinese day starts early and for the most part ended at a normal time. The shops were still open and food places. It was amazing to see so many people biking home from work. In much of China where we were people bike , walk or take the bus or taxi. The traffic is soooooooo bad. It could take an hour in rush hour to go a few blocks. The best way is by bike. At times you can see mom, dad, baby & sister all on on mo-ped. Some have gone as far as inclosing their mo-ped with a shell or attaching a flat bed to the back. Pretty much anything goes, even while driving. It's normal for buses & cars to come with in inches of each other while traveling. I just accepted it. The drivers we had were pretty good. We were always in buses because of our large group, but I'm sure I would have been a little white knucked if I was in a cab. One day Kev & a few others had to take a taxi for some gov. paper work. The all said it was an experience after the claimed to have a whole in their throats from the pollution in Nanchang. On a side note, I loved the people in Nanchang. They were soooo nice & friendly. We felt like celebraties.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun Photos from the White Swan Hotel Area

I love this shot! I borrowed the head dress from one of the Families. I almost bought one, and I am sorry I didn't. Mei has mastered the art of thumb sucking & smiling at the same time.
This photo was taken when we were dinning out for lunch in the hotel. The view was beautiful of the water. The company was ever better.
Late in the afternoon in the park a big group of kids were having skating lessons. It must have lasted 2 hours. All the kids were so well behaved and payed attention to the teacher. Back home the teacher would be lucky if 1/2 the kids were getting it at this age. Very impressive!
I know the photo is out of focus - camera problems! The trees near the park were huge!!! I couldn't tell you how old. The Chinese had some very interesting supports to help the trees survive.
Some of the buildings in the area had a French flair. This was a French Church a few blocks from the White Swan Hotel. Kevin & I really enjoyed taking walks with Mei around the park and lunch at Lucy's.

Our Last Day! The Famous Red Couch

The Red Couch Photo Shoot! Look at all those beauties!!!
All dressed up for her special photo day with her Chinese Gadney sisters! Too bad she had a cold! She hides it well!
A bunch of the Moms with the kids! Lots of fun!
Mei in a Chinese dress hat! Too cute! She loves that thumb!

Now that the Dads took a few photos they joined the picture! What a great feeling to see so many beautiful families!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Where's daddy in Hong Kong?

Last night before we fly home out of Hong Kong. What an adventure! Mei has been great and such a trooper these last few days when she has not been feeling so well. The ear infections & fever has past, but now she is having a tough time w/ croup. So, where's Daddy in Hong Kong at 11:15 at night? ...Searching the streets for a nebulizer. We called the pediatrician because we were worried about the long flight home. 15 some thing hours. Her crying leads to coughing which turns croupy and sooo on. Benadryl, nebulizer and a few Hail Mary's and we'll be lading in Newark without a bump in the road.

The trip has been wonderful, but I sure miss home, and even more those cuties that will b waiting at he door to greet their new sister...how exciting!!!! Cuddle time here we come!!!!!

I have a bunch of photos to post but the wires and stuff are all packed, so it will have to wait til home. Packing and re packing take longer than one thinks. Everything has to be packed just so , so nothing breaks.

We have met so many wonderful families on the trip- each special!!! I looking forward to meeting up again real soon with everyone and seeing how the girls have all grown and adjusted to home.

A few couples will keep me laughing for months and months as I think of some of the funny stories and dinner that we had. Hopefully we will see many faces at the picnic this summer or Chinese new Year- Kevin did offer a tour of the city.

Sending Big Hugs from Hong Kong kids. We'll be home real soon. Hong Kong Kong looks like a great city- next time we will have to spend a few days. It is nothing that I'd ever seen before. Tonight we ventured out for dinner and took the local train. Fun- but an adventure. That was half the fun of dinner. We went with Mei's buddy Addison and her folks. Fun was had by all. People were very helpful when asking for directions- one guy Steve live on LI for a few years not far from where I grew up. -small world. The taxi driver on the way home wanted to visit Central Park and see Simon and Garfunkle (been there- great time). He said he listens to the record all the time. The world is alot smaller than I thought. It was a great trip.

Daddy is still not back yet, maybe he is looking for the thermos. I didn't bring one on the trip and should have. Luckily we got by with out it, but if anyone is coming soon to adopt it's a must along with baby motrin. You can't find t here or atleast not easily.

The guides on the trip where great. Our last guide some how was able to balance home life and work beautifully- and looked so calm doing it. He was waiting for the call- and while we where here his wife had a beautiful baby boy. He never skipped a beat & was able to be at her side. Our agency did a wonderful job in helping us complete the jungle of paper work & guiding us in China. A big thank you to Gladney!!! To a job well done. Our daughter is beautiful, happy and more than we could have anticipated.

The bags are packed and we are coming home!!!!!!-

Monday, February 5, 2007