Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Fun in the Hamptons!!!

Summer fun in the Hamptons! East Hampton has given us swimming, BBQ's, famiy time, fishing, niking, surfing, tennis and camp fires!
Saying good bye to Sophie "YoYo" was tuff! Tears were shed but we know that we will see her again very soon!

Who could resist helping Daddy blow out his birthday candles! It has become a tradition to take this photo every year.

Make a WISH!!!

Our bathing beauty! She is a surfer girl!
Summer has been fun, but its not over yet! We still have another week before we all start school again... including me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Outing to the Sound Tigers Game!

As a family we went to support our oldest boy who was singing with his school's advanced minstrels group. They sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the game to kick it off. The group did a great job! We were all very proud. The rest of the crew enjoyed the game- some more than others! Our 5 year old was only interested in the first few minutes and then it was off to the snack bar! And boy did he chow!!! Mei loved the game and was soo good. Her older sister sat with eyes wide open. She never missed a goal or a player getting slammed into the boards. Our singer caught up with friends and enjoy the game. It was a fun Sunday outing and even Grandma joined us!!! It was a bonus that the Sound Tiger games are heated!!! Gotta love it!

Our First Daddy Daughter Dance!!

As you can see it takes me a bit to update and when I doo I do a few. The posts are not always in the correct order, but around the same time.
Daisy's sponsored a Daddy Daughter Square Dance. It was a cute night and as you can see from the photos my Cowgirl was excited!!!

American Doll trip to NYC

Our Mommy-Daughter Day started early with a 7:40 train! We enjoyed the ride in to GC and then headedup to American Doll. She had no problem on the crutches. Now she can walk on the hard cast, but I insist NO jumping!

We quickly raced to the 3rd floor as the doors opened to get out name on the waiting list for brunch- which started at 9:30. Isn't that breakfast? I had no idea that this was booked weeks in advanced. The brunch was alot of fun, topped by a cute chocolate dessert.

After the Cafe experience, we set out to shop! And we shopped hard! The girls had a lot of fun and an American :just Like Me " doll was chosen! After picking out clothes, riding boots and a be we set off to the photo studio.

Here we waiting to become super models. We waited in an area where we could fix our hair and clothes.

After a quick wait it was time to enter the studio.

Now you can't see the backdrop that was chosen, but guess... yes it was pink! The phots from AD came out great. Daddy joined us for the sitting. He made sure the photos and shoot were just right! Good job daddy!

My 2 lunch buddies! Because of time, we ate close at a great Mexican rest. in GC. Quick and Good!

We had a few spare moments for a photo op. In this photo you can see the cast. What you can't see is all the bags that I'm holding in the background!

She had a blast and loves her doll!The train ride home was an adventure. We sat in the back of the train thinking it was the front. Well at every stop we leap frogged up a car and inbetween we jumped cars. That wasn't liked by everyone. However, we met VERY nice people who helped us carry our packages, offered their seat, etc. People are good, sometimes they just need an opportunity to show it! :)
Our day was great and really helped us bond. Now we are planning a birthday party there with a few friends. Crazy!!!
Hope you like the long over due update!!!
I look forward to when Mei is older having a special lunch with her in the Cafe.

Happy Birthday Mei

What a day! Mei was sooo excited to pick out her cupcakes for her school party and even more tickled to choose her birthday cake! Although she' not a talker, she knew EXACTLY what she wanted! Dora!!!
It was nice to have the family gather and celebrate Mei turning 3. The big day was celebrated with cake, presents, singing and balloons!
She knew what her big day was all about! Mei knew the focus was on her and she loved it! It was nice to see her enjoying herself and getting into the birthday spirit!
Happy Birthday Mei!!!
As you can see from the photos, she was sooo proud of her cake!!! The woman at the cake shop had a fun time planning the cake toppings with her!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

We enjoyed a great breakfast at Gracie Mansion! What a fun St Patrick's Day! Breakfast with the Mayor of New York City! Mayor Bloomberg and Kev chattered about the day and ended with a high five. He even had a chance to rub elbows with the former Mayor of New York City, Mayor Koch. What a morning!
Hope everyone has a wonderful St Patricks Day and the leprechaun left you something good! :)