Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Time in the City

A future Rocket!
We look cold, but it was pretty warm.
Lots of skaters on the ice. A few of the kids wanted to go skating. Maybe next time! :)


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fun in the City!

Waitng for the show to start! What a cute toy!
The gang trying to stay warm, Sunday was nice in the city. After the show we walked around for a little. Mei mei was at home with Grandma playing.
Can you tell he's excited? The 3-D part of the show was cool. We all loved this part!
This was the beginning of the trip. However, when the train doors opened there was NO room for anyone... even the people already on the train. We drove in and had a little of time. Luckily we didn't hit any traffic. Everyone must have been on the trains!
Notice the little guy in the back. Yhis was the calm before the storm. Onece he found out we weren't making the train... well lets say it was a good tantrum.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We are so excited as a family to be sharing our 1st Thanksgiving with Mei. We are truly blessed!
I will be sure to add a few photos from the big turkey day and hopefully the paprad this weekend! My camera broke a kiddie birthday party and I have replaced it yet. Hopefully Sunday isn't too cold or snowy and we can enjoy the parade! J-