Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fun time with the girl's and Uncle Dennis

Mei dresses up too!

Mei is really enjoying herself with her big sister!

What a cutie!

Playing "Chinese"

Big sister loves to dress up and play "Chinese".
She is so proud of her new sister from China!
She loves her new fan that Mei brought her back from the trip.
What a cutie!
The two girls together! What a great pair of sisters! May they have a long friendship together and a special bond that sisters have!

Celebrate with Balloons

Balloons always make every party a little more festive!
Happy girl having fun at her party!

Everyone wants to get in on the action. That's what big brothers are for.

Mei meets the Fawcetts!

Mei meets Emily. I know why Mei likes Emily so much...she spoils her. Every little girl needs a bit of that!
What a big smoochie! Mei and Sharon looks great together!
Smile!!!! This one's for Jess!!!

Jess we were thinking of you when we were posing! Sorry I got it on a little too late. But finally! It was a great time and Mei got to meet everyone! Now she's just waiting for you.

Bus Stop Shuffle

The kids are happy we are home with their new baby sister. Now back to the stuffle of backpacks, lunches, sports, etc. It's great to all be home!
Mei on her first trip to the bus stop. It's said that we haven't made it there lately. Usually I drive them. We just can't get up in time.. or I should as I should say- get our act together!
Sibling least at this moment during the day!