Sunday, December 3, 2006

Santa Came Early!!!

Ho HO HO!!! Santa came early this year and we are so excited!!! I'm sure Mei will have a few special packages waiting for her from Santa when she arrives. Her big brothers and sister are decking the halls thinking of her.Today we sent in our official acceptance letter. Our agency will then send it to The CCAA for us. Big Stuff!!!!


Jeannine said...

I'm sooo excited for Mei to join our family!!!!! Big Brother Kevin

Jessica said...

Hi Kevin, it's Miss Perry. Congratulations on your new sister!! You will have to introduce her to me when I come to Darien in February. You look so grown up in your Christmas picture!! You are a great big brother to Sarah and Philip and Mei is going to be so lucky to have you looking out for her too! Congratulations again on your new sister.