Friday, December 15, 2006

Family Fun

Batman returns to the circus. Notice the bandaide? That's to cover the stitches. What an experience!
Daddy with his big guy! What a shot! We had alot of fun at the circus!!!

A little techno difficulties, so just turn your head sideways!!! First day of school. We are all excited!!!( Especially me.... maybe a little down time now?)

A favorite by the whole crew! Fun at Raggae Night, cocktails, music, dancing & friend!!!We needed an excuse to get out of our babthingsuites and put on our fancy flip flops! I think one of the kids even won a dance contest.

Our wild child rides the surf. Pretty impressive!

Batman is always on his mind!!! This was at the circus. Hot, very hot!

A little rest during a day of fun & shopping. We stoppped for lunch on our way to the circus.If only they could always get along this well.

The sand castle king. He is a Beach Boy at heart!

The summer won't be complete with out mentioning the Ranch! What fun! Next summer we will have one more to add to the gang! Mei! YEAH!!! I guess our dinning out experience just got a little messier!

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